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Here We Are...

Marketing Director, Partner

Charles has been marketing all across the Puget Sound for 15 years. His background is in advertising, design, and print. He specializes in ideating unique approaches to fit your company and brand. When he's not hammering out a late-night work session, he's probably at the lake with his wife & twin boys, getting ready for the hunting season, or watching the M's or Hawks on his DVR.

Multimedia Director, Partner

Russell comes from the world of video creation  and post-production. His background is in cinematography, video/audio editing, and managing special projects. He specializes in magically transporting your story to the screen. If he puts down his camera or mouse, it's only to pick up his guitar, one or more of his munchkins, or a local craft brew at a concert or music festival.

Creative Director

Jessica is a native Minnesotan (Go Vikings!) who has lived all over the country supporting her Air Force husband. She has been working in graphic design since 2003. After working for several publications, small business, and print shops, she joined Blu Room Creative. Jessica is passionate about creating the right design for each client and building a relationship that helps foster a growing business.


A picture truly speaks a thousand words, so we hold artistic, distinctive photography to the highest degree in the marketing arena. Heidi serves us with more than ten years experience providing clients with imagery that communicates the essence of their brand and draws customers in. You'll find Heidi snapping shots all over as she enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and good eats with her amazing family. 

UI/UX Web Designer

Jeff is our guru for all things web, coding, or just about anything too technical for everyday  sensibilities. Like a shaman on the hilltop, if he doesn't have the solution chambered, he knows where to find it. Jeff's web experience is in both function and feel, so he's the whole package. When not pounding out code, he's searching for a taco truck on his way home from the local brewery.


Cliff is our freehand and digital artist extraordinaire. If a project requires a little extra personal touch, he's the guy for the job. His experience ranges from developing graphic novels to international aid work in developing nations. Yes, seriously. When he's not pen-in-hand, he's exploring the globe, reading about everything, or plucking his mandolin on a mountaintop somewhere.

Our Next Collaborator

Join our growing team of expert creators! We're always open to networking with new connections who might be a good fit to rub elbows with here in the Blu Room.

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