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Thinking Outside the Box

A video for your business doesn't have to be the same ordinary, two-dimensional web video your savvy video sense un-excitedly expects. (Mostly) gone are the days of used car ads that feature the owner's dog and flashing sale prices scrolling across the screen.

There is way too much "white noise" out there... Today more than ever, customers in your market want truth in advertising. A fancy video that hits them over the head can be great, but admittedly postures itself as biased toward your brand. That's great, but what if there was another way to inject a little more genuineness into marketing your brand? That's where we come in to think outside the box...

Gonzaga University approached us to produce a video that captures a true day-in-a-life of students. Sure, we could have scripted it all out with beautiful sweeping vistas, poignant slow-mo moments, and carefully woven interview sound-bytes. Sure, that would have been great. But, we thought, who better to tell the story of the amazing college experience at a fantastic university in Spokane with a funny name than the actual students themselves?

For this project, we coordinated with 25 Gonzaga students throughout the year to gather their own footage, which we assembled to allow those raw, actual experiences to unfold. Sometimes, all your next big idea needs is a little thinking outside the box & a nudge in a new direction...

Buckle up for a fast-paced day of: "Zags Unscripted"

Overall, a fun, unique project to be a part of -- from concept to completion. Plus, since the client posted the video on Facebook last month, it's had over 21,000 views!


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