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What is a Web Video Worth?

Do you really need a web video or commercial for your company or business? The answer is YES! The value, reach, and marketability of creating a video is priceless for your advertising efforts. Why, you ask? Let's start at the beginning - the story of your business...

So, you came up with your great business idea and launched it. You understand risk, hard work, and all the blood, sweat, and tears that go along with being a business owner every step of the way. You're even pretty savvy on marketing practices.

So, you've put up your sign, printed some business cards, and even bitten the bullet and paid some big bucks for a snazzy new website. What's next? A newsletter? Direct mail? A bigger sign? Or, how about a video? Your customers and your grandmother alike have asked you if you have a web video or commercial already.

So, you know you want a video, And, know you it's going to cost a bit more than your monthly power bill. But is producing a web video for your company really worth it? And if so, what IS a video worth to your business, your website, and your overall marketing strategy? According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video on your website is worth... wait for it... 1.8 MILLION WORDS! That's a whole lot of value for your marketing efforts!

Imagine how many newsletters, post cards, and handshakes you'd have to scrounge up to put 1.8 million words out there in the ether! One point eight million amazing, branding, image-driven words that will live on in perpetuity on the Internet, And those words, images, and visuals - carefully crafted to suit your marketing efforts - will forever be a bandstand for your business... a soapbox for your soliloquy... and a pride-swelling promotion that says, "I've made it, and this is why you should do business with me."

And, if that's not enough to convince you of the value of a web video or commercial, nearly 96% of all online would-be-shoppers say they prefer learning about a product or service via video. And 73% of those people are more likely to MAKE the purchase or visit a location in-person after watching a web video!

Hook, line, and sinker, that's all you need to cast your net wider in the ever-growing sea of marketing potential. The catch? Simply more business. And, video may be more affordable than you think! Sure, it's a financial commitment in a budget-tightening era, but remember - your video lives on forever! Or, at least until your next video idea. Because, once you see how well video works for your company, you're going to want to do another...

Blu Room Creative is a full-service advertising agency, marketing strategist, graphic designer, and video production service. If you're in Western Washington, we would love to chat more about how video (or any of our other services) can start working for you and your business today!


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